12 steps to a successful project

We have set up a system to ensure that every project will be delivered with the same efficiency and high quality. Having a look at our list will give you a good idea of what you can expect when we will make your brand new website.

  1. We always start a new project with a call or a meeting to get to know each other better and to find out what your exact wishes are for your new website. We created a questionnaire that will give us all the information we need to get started on your website. What does your business aspire? What are your goals? What content and images are already available? What style / branding do you want? 
  2. Based on this call and the information from the questionnaire we will send you a proposal. In this proposal you will find information about our approach to the project, the price, a projected timeline and other essential information.
  3. After approving the proposal we will start with a first draft of the homepage.
  4. Now it’s time for your feedback and a 40% down payment.
  5. We will process the feedback you gave us.
  6. Continuing creating and styling the other pages.
  7. Time for another Feedback round.
  8. Optimizing website for mobile and tablet.
  9. Optimizing website for Search engine optimization (like Google).
  10. Final call to discuss last details.
  11. Final payment and website launch!
  12. Delivery of your Website Owners Manual with all the information you need.

Curious about what we can do for your business?

These are the 12 steps we take to asure a qualitative and efficient process when creating your website. Write us today to schedule a call or a meeting. 

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