An overview of the websites we made in the past


CAPEEM (California Parents for the Equalization of Educational Materials) had an existing website that looked old fashioned and out of touch with its member base. Hola Webdesign not only designed a brand new logo but also the complete website.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing

Purple Creative

Purple Creative needed to update their out of date website and brand with speed and reliability. Hola Webdesign took on the challenge to modernize the look and feel of the Purple Creative online presence.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing

Gabriella Adèr

Gabriella Adèr came to us to create a professional journalist portfolio. Our brief was to create a website that showed all of Gabriella’s extensive portfolio but remained minimalist in style. We did this by choosing a very clean and simple style from the beginning as well as ordering the site’s content in a very ordered way.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing

Eva Oude Elferink

Eva Oude Elferink, a journalist from the Netherlands, reached out to us to upgrade her existing WordPress blog. The new website needed to be fresh, clean and modern. We chose a soft green color as a theme color for the website and constructed a modern and profesional way to display her articles in a portfolio. Eva ended up being very satisfied with the final result and we were more than happy to add this website to our portfolio!

New website and Search Engine Optimization

Wayuu London

Wayuu London is a UK based business selling artisanal Colombian goods. The website design needed to attract young, fashionable women who came principally from Instagram channels. To achieve this we designed an elegant, simplistic site that showed off the quality and beauty of the products.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing

Courtenay Strickland Consulting

Working with Courtenay was a great experience. She wanted a website that could reflected her business. It needed to be professional, clean and be made in a way that perspective clients could easily know what she could do for them. In this project we worked closely with the client so that we could make the site exactly to her specifications. We believe that the site turned out really well, and Courtenay was very happy with the end result.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing

Medellin Airport Transfer

We started work on Medellin Airport Transport 8 months ago and it is now the leading website for airport transport in the city of Medellin. We designed the site to be intuitive and easy to use, while at the same time looking and feeling professional. Visitors to the site can book and pay through our secure payment pages. Our SEO and content work has also made the site number 1 on Google for many keywords.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing

Emiel van Dongen

Emiel is a freelance journalist who has worked for many major news agencies in the Netherlands. Emiel approached Hola Webdesign to create a modern and professional portfolio so that he could show his work to prospective employees with 100% confidence. Emiel had a very clear image of what he wanted his website to look like and how it would interact with its users. We were more than happy to make his vision a reality.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing

De Tekst Brouwmeester

This project was made for an online copywriting company specializing in Search Engine Optimization. Our brief was to clearly show their audience the benefits of our client’s complicated work. To do this we needed to create a clean and simple design that led visitors to understand Search Engine Optimization and how it can help business.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing

De Zoekmachinemeesters

De Zoekmachinemeesters approached us to build their website as well as their image and brand. We wanted to make this website stand out from the competition through the perfect images and style. Users can book classes at different levels and group sizes through our intuitive booking forms and pay a deposit through our secure payment pages.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing

Urología CES

We were very excited to have the opportunity to work on a very professional, medical project. Clinica CES approached us to make a site that allowed them to be easily found by patients, to have all the necessary information at user’s fingertips and to have a ‘Doctor’s Space’ to upload papers and journals. The project went very well and our client was very happy with the finished project.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing

Bootcamp Noord

Bootcamp Noord reached out to us create a complete new website for them. New visitors needed to see quickly what the business is about and existing customers need to find information and pay for their monthly subscriptions online. We created a brand, wrote the content and made sure the website is very user friendly.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing

Café Ondas

Australian owner Kit asked us to help him out launching his new establishment online. An exciting project that we were eager to take on. We have created a simple yet elegant website where it is very clear what services the place offers.Good images and a delicious coffee made this a very nice project to work on.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing

Digital Nomads Medellin

Digital Nomads Medellin is a community of online workers living in Medellin. This website was designed to provide information around the brand as well to sell a downloadable guide. We designed a download and payment page using paypal and once the payment is successful the user will be taken to a download page where they will find the ebook.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing

Van Ekelen & Poort

We work with a number of law firms in the Netherlands to provide a professional looking website along with Search Engine Optimisation. A professional looking website is very important for professionals clients.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing

Emerald Display Services

Emerald Display contacted us for a brand new website and a new corporate identity. As a family company with Irish roots we chose the green color from the Irish flag combined with Celtic tribal design for the logo and icons. The end result is a website that demonstrates profesionalism and reliability.

New website, Online Marketing, SEO & Content writing